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Double standards in Greece


Greek authorities consider squatters a bigger threat to society than the rising fascist movement.

Recently, the Greek authorities have lashed out against progressive grass root organisations: On December 28th the police shut down the Athens university radio station 98FM, after invading the Villa Amalia squat on 20 December. More recently, the “Skaramangas” squat was raided as well.  We talk to Areti of Entasi radio.  She explains that although the community radio stations and squats were not officially recognised they had been tolerated. The authorities now use the current crisis to ” restore legality” and eliminate places of resistance against the current government policies.

The strict interpretation of the law does not seem to be applied to the hate crimes committed by members and sympathisers of the national-socialist (i.e. nazi) Golden Dawn party. Areti explains that she has experienced how the police refused to interfere during racist neo-nazi attacks.   Others also point to the historical ties between the security forces and fascist movement in Greece.

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