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Greece: the Duty to Conform


Not only is the Greek crisis and the way it is being handled leading to a further deterioration of the economy and the social farbric of the country;  it has also resulted in the recent rise of fascism, which becomes apparent in the increased intolerance towards anything that is “not normal”.

Immigrants  are the best known example of minority groups that have been  the subject of frequent racist attacks by mobs and inhumane treatment by the authorities. But the LGBT community and  women in general are suffering increasingly from violence as well. The authorities let it happen and the main concern of politicians in power is to keep immunity  from corruption charges, says Mara of the MLFF, a feminist media group.
The MLFF have built a mobile media broadcasting station that they will use on Friday 13 September to broadcast a series of performances which claim the right to be different and protest the Violence of Normativity. The performances will run  from  4.30 to 9 pm (Brussels time).

Link:  MLFF– website – the broadcast will be streamed live here

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