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Democratic Party in Crisis – Weinstein’s private contractors


In June 2016 wikileaks revealed that the leadership of the Democratic National Congress (DNC) had rigged the presidential election process within the Democratic Party against Bernie Sanders and in favour of Hillary Clinton.  DNC chairwomen Debby Wasserman Schultz, who played a key role in the electoral manipulation,  stepped down and was replaced by Donna Brazile.  Early November Brazile published ‘The Hack’, a book in which she confirms that the DNC conspired with the Clinton-campaign.

We talk to Derek Monroe about what happened last year prior to the elections.

“Nothing will change in US politics unless the money is taken out”

Donna Brazile/ 2016 Elections:

On 7 November the Republiccans lost  a series of elections took that place in different US states. Derek Monroe minimises the importance of the importance of the elections. He thinks that the frustration and anger of the  people could translate into a call for a strong hand and therefore is a recipe for fascism.
7 November elections:


We also talk about the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment case. One angle that has not receive much coverage is the use of private contractors by Weinstein to spy on, and  intimidate his victims and journalists. He did this through the lawfirm of David Boies in order to be able keep the contacts with the contractors hidden, some of whom are former Mossad agents.
Weinstein/ David Boies:

“It is interesting that power and state jurisdiction is migrating to corporations and people in power.”

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